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+34 985 321 595 +34 985 321 595 

Canned COAST was founded in 1926 in Natahoyo (Gijón) as a cottage industry of canned fish, pickled meats, packaged under the brand "La Gloria", albacore (in olive oil and salmon), the anchovy Biscay (in oil and salting) and chicharron (fried pickled, canned, in wooden barrels).

4 generations take us 90 years to meet the new factory in the industrial area Sotiello Somonte III (Gijón). We can only thank all those people, employment and employees, representatives, customers and partners who love and work have given everything to that today we continue to develop and semi-preserved fish, shellfish and algae.

Poligono industrial Somonte III - 33393 - Gijón -Asturias - España - Teléfonos: 985 321 595 - 985 320 570 - FAX: 985 310 102 - Email: